If you host a site on a server, it uses the server's shared IP address - an exclusive number which is used to identify any kind of device connected to the Web. The website name that you use for the website is for quick access and convenience of the website visitors, but on a more basic level, their browser connects to the IP of the server. As there're many more websites than IP addresses, shared website hosting servers use a single IP for a variety of sites even in case they belong to separate users. Even though this does not affect the website performance directly, using a dedicated IP can slightly boost the loading speed of a certain website, giving it superior rankings in search engine results. Such an IP is necessary for the installation of an SSL certificate as well, so when you would like to secure the payment or login info that your site visitors submit, you should have an IP in addition to the SSL.
Dedicated IP Address in Shared Hosting
If you use some of our shared hosting plans, you can add a dedicated IP address to your account without difficulty and assign it to a domain or subdomain with no more than a couple of clicks. This is valid no matter which data center you have chosen for the account during the registration process, so it is possible to take advantage of this feature in our US, UK and AU facilities. This way, you can have a dedicated IP for an electronic commerce site, for example, while a forum attached to it can use the server's shared IP as you can modify each and every domain or subdomain independently from the Hosted Domains area of your Hepsia Control Panel. If you would like a dedicated IP for an SSL certificate and you obtain the SSL through us, you are able to use the auto-configuration instrument, which will assign an IP and set up the SSL automatically for the website where you'd like to use them.
Dedicated IP Address in Semi-dedicated Hosting
If you purchase a semi-dedicated server account through us, you'll get the opportunity to acquire as many dedicated IP addresses as you'd like depending on your business needs. It will take a couple of clicks in the Hepsia web hosting Control Panel to acquire a new IP and several more in order to assign it to a domain or a subdomain. The whole process is very simple and your site will start loading from your new IP address in no time. Hepsia will enable you to view all IPs that you can use, both shared and dedicated, and which of the latter are free or taken. Provided you would like to use an SSL certificate on some of your sites and you need a dedicated IP for it, you can take advantage of our SSL order wizard, that will assign a new IP and install the certificate as soon as you send your order, so you won't have to customize anything in your semi-dedicated web hosting account by yourself.
Dedicated IP Address in Dedicated Servers Hosting
Since all of our Linux dedicated servers hosting packages feature 3 dedicated IP addresses provided in the plans as standard, we shall give you a serious advantage if you would like to run any software that needs this kind of an IP. We provide them for free and you will be able to use them for as long as you use your server for anything you'd like - child name servers for any domain name that you host, an SSL certificate for any site on the server, a software server (games, VOIP), and so on. Through the Upgrades menu in the billing Control Panel that you'll receive to take care of renewals, service upgrades and domain registrations, you'll also be able to order more dedicated IPs in sets of three whenever you need. They will be assigned to your server in a few minutes, so you can start using them for your sites and web-based apps right away.